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January 5, 2013
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Various Kinds of Dread +commish+ by intelligent-zombie Various Kinds of Dread +commish+ by intelligent-zombie
FILE SIZE. Y U NO smaller when I make you a PNG?!! :iconwhyyounoplz:

Anyway! Now that I'm better, it's back to doing commissions again...this is a piece commissioned by *PeaceLovingMadman that I spent fricking DAYS on but am overall happy with the result. :3

I believe this is an idea for a fanfic he had that he wanted me to do a cover for, entitled, obviously, "Various Kinds of Dread". Yep, that's Sweetie Belle and Dinky, and Rarity and Derpy, AND yes, they ARE in a bowl of creepy-ass looking stuff. I am not entirely sure about the plot of the story behind this, so that's really all I can say. ^^; I'm sorry!

Also, I was trying a new way to render glass in Photoshop, since I wanted to make this pic look really nice. It was my very first try at the render technique I used--actually it was my first try rendering glass in general...but I think it came out pretty good for a first try. :3

So yep, 25-some layers, lots of editing during the coloring process, and then some stuff. But *PeaceLovingMadman was happy with it, and that's what counts. ;3

My Little Pony is owned by Lauren Faust and Hasbro
Idea is *PeaceLovingMadman's

PLEASE NOTE that this picture belongs to *PeaceLovingMadman and ONLY him. You are not allowed to re-use, repost, or re-edit this picture in any way, shape or form without prior permission from the artist or commissioner.
Ooh I like it :D Kinda reminds me of the 50s' sci fi movie posters :3
Well this ia surprise. But a nice one. I like how accurate the girls look.
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